Unholy Romance: I didn’t know he was a Catholic Priest but I don’t know if I can stop

Dear Confessor,

After reading your story about a girl’s romance with an Anglican priest, I decided to share mine.

I didn’t know he was a priest let alone a Catholic Priest. I am a very good Catholic myself or I try to tell myself I am. I work in a commercial bank and I had always noticed this young man who comes once in a while to deposit money into several accounts including that of a church.

I assumed he was a member of the church Council. We started talking and became very good friends, at least as far as the banking hall was concerned.

It was raining one Saturday and we closed early that day. He was actually one of our last customers and I left the bank about thirty minutes after he left after I had balanced my books and gave my report to the HOP.

The car drove near me as I stood with my umbrella by the side of the road trying to find a cab to take me home. It was a very neat Toyota.

“Banker are you going my way?” the familiar voice asked.

I turned to see the young man that frequents the bank behind the wheel.

“Customer how are you?” I asked him. “I thought you had left already.”

“I was making some calls in the car after I left the bank,” he replied.

“Well I don’t really have any destination other than my house unless you have other ideas,” I said. I didn’t have much of a social life and didn’t mind hanging out at the young man’s expense.

“I may have one or two ideas,” he said. “I don’t really have anything planned so I might as well hang out with my favorite cashier.”

We ended up at a fast food outlet and got talking. He told me some things about himself and I told him everything about myself.

Afterwards he would always invite me out and we’ll hang out at different fast food outlets. He seemed to chose the places we went to which were a bit out of town but I didn’t mind.

One day he took me to an apartment which he claimed was his house and I spent the night with him. It was a one room and he said he would sleep in the sitting room while I stayed alone in the bedroom.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stay alone and I tiptoed to the sitting room where he was sitting alone in the darkness also unable to sleep.

He looked up and saw me and jumped to his feet. I walked right into his arms immediately and he covered my mouth with his as his hands groped my breasts kneading them to hardness.

He lifted me off my feet and carried me into the bedroom where he removed my clothes. He was wearing a boxers shorts and discarded it quickly revealing his massive hardness.

He sucked and kissed me all over until I couldn’t hold it anymore and pulled him inside me. I haven’t slept with a man in a while but I think he was the best I had ever had inside me. He thrust from the front then turned me around to enter from behind. I probably came 10 times that night.

The next day was a public holiday and we spent it in each other’s arms. Afterwards, he would come around regularly to take me to the apartment and we’ll have passionate s+x. However I noticed even though I didn’t mind, he didn’t come on Sundays.

The cat was let out of the bag one Sunday I followed my friend to a wedding at another Catholic Church different from mine.

I almost fainted when I saw him dressed in full regalia conducting the service. He saw me and his mouth fell open momentarily but he covered up and concluded the mass even though I had given my friend a reason to leave early so that I would avoid meeting him because I didn’t trust myself from creating a scene.

He has been calling my phone since then. I’ve also avoided him at the bank. I don’t know how I feel right now. When I am alone I wish for his hands around me and his hardness inside me. I know it’s wrong but I don’t know if I can keep avoiding him. What do I do?

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