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Botched Imo PDP Ward Congress Is First Sign Of A Crumbling Caliphate – Group

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GACIY commends the patriotic stalwarts who resisted tyranny, and small man syndrome at Saturday’s failed PDP Ward Congress in Imo State.

At least they retrieved ‘election’ of ad-hoc delegates from the exclusive legislative list of one diminutive man, into the concurrent list of all other vipers, blackmailers, and scouldrels masquerading as stakeholders.

At the moment, the P.D.P is just ‘Party’, a shell of its former self, having part ways with ‘People’ and ‘Democratic’.

Unfortunately, the State Working Committee chickened out and made a dog’s dinner of the entire congress declaring it inconclusive solely because one man, through his proxy and aspirant for Ideato North and South Federal Constituency, Ikenga Chinyere, could not cheat his way to ‘victory’ as usual. In declaring this election inconclusive over one man’s bruised ego and that of his boy, the SWC ill-advisedly ensnared the entire selection process of the party in irretrievable disrepute.

To think that this shameful outing occurred just a few days after a whopping $50,000 dollars was reported stolen at the state party secretariat is most ridiculous, to say the least.

No one in their right mind would touch the PDP with a flagpole after this ugliness.

To our consternation, instead of pursuing amicable resolution of the reported missing results sheets of Ideato North & Ideato South LGAs, Ikenga and his circus proceeded to garb the National Secretary of the Party, Sen. SamDaddy Anyanwu as a criminal, urging the NWC to sack him. The cheek! The temerity!

Now that he has transformed himself into canon fodder for someone’s grand plot to ambush the PDP as he did from 2003 through 2020, Ikenga must realize that he has only himself to blame when he self-combusts into political oblivion.

If the PDP has any strand of courage left, it would have expelled the flippant Ikenga together with his chaperone and marabout. We are not surprised that it rather allowed a snivelling neophyte wag a finger in the face of its National Chairman. Spineless, gluttonous lots.

We should see last Saturday’s episode as a cautionary tale of what happens when a man of great mischief has a party in chokehold; eventually, the prey either dies of exhaustion or regains strength for escape.

In the case of Imo PDP, what is left of the party has decided to free itself from someone’s chokehold. The Caliphate-syle politicking has reached a culdesac.

Against this backdrop, we plead with the National body of the party, INEC, and the judiciary to hasten up and save the party from the fangs of slave drivers.

For us, despite all its unspeakable abominations, (open sympathy for non-state actors, self-sabotage, unbridled lust for anarchy), the PDP is necessary to the extent that our fledgling democracy could use a measure of contestation.

While the PDP continues to play its opposition roles, we want to warn that the party should take all necessary measures to ensure that it does not throw Imo State into another round of hubbub.

Those who own the dogs should tame their dogs.

God bless our homeland, Imo.


Collins Ughalaa KSC
May 2, 2022.

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