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2023: Ugosly fast becoming the beautiful bride of Owerri zone

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By Ifeanyi Iheakanwa (08038386510)

Even before his foray into politics, he was well known to all and sundry – including the Ogwa community in Mbaitoli LGA – where he hails from.

Chief Hillary Ugochukwu Nwachukwu popularly know as Ugosly, is a household name both in Owerri zone and Imo state at large.

He is a businessman, an entrepreneur of international repute, an extrovert of sort and a philanthropist of inestimable values.

Above all, he is a seasoned politician whose wealth of knowledge in the business of politics is acknowledgeable.

Ugosly had his first political shot in 2019 when he contested for the Imo East senatorial seat under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Because he started early with his former darling party, PDP, he was able to win the minds of many into believing in his visions to turning the Owerri zone’s political fortunes around. He didn’t spare any cash to make his campaign the most talked-about, enviable, sophisticated, loaded and extravagant one.

His entourage during the ward-to-ward consultation was intimidating and terrifying. All his long chains of vehicles were branded and one could only imagine the amount of money that had been expended in that journey.

Unfortunately, this robust dream of taking a shot at the red chamber of the National Assembly merely came to an abrupt halt when he was allegedly conspired against and robbed off his ample opportunity to prove his political mettle. This was during the PDP’s primaries where serious internal politics was alleged to have played out.

This is because he was rather too alien to Nigeria’s contemporary politics having lived major part of his life at the White Man’s land.

Ugosly was the rave of the moment. Both the high and mighty in the party rallied round him for the sole reason that he (Ugosly) was generally believed to be within the category of the ‘political moneybags’.

Although, he talked less but took more to meaningful actions, his personal charisma and milk of human kindness was enough to pave his way, alas! the evil hands of contemporary politics predated him at the twilight of the party primaries.

It was when a much more unpopular aspirant emerged as the candidate of the Owerri zone senatorial seat that the harsh reality of bizarre politics obtainable in the modern day politicking, began to dawn on him.

Like a human, he felt the pain but it however availed him a better opportunity to reverse to the drawing boards, and today, he has come out stronger with a renewed vigor.

In several fora, he has lamented having been shortchanged and rigged out by his former party in an unceremonious manner.

And to even think of using a court injunction to weather the storm, was what he knew about making a mountain on a molehill. Even when he took the bold step to challenge his victory at the primaries, it became, as expected, another hazy cloud that never brought forth rain. The young man quietly left the party and went on sabbatical.

Think about the time, the commitment and the monetary involvement. Also think about the desperation and readiness exhibited by him to ascend the hallowed chamber. All these lofty dreams were cut short by those who make dictates in the party by mere snap of their fingers, yet they aren’t God. Indeed, politics is a game.

No sane person in a sane society would be enthused after spending a lifetime savings for the purpose of representing a people in a political seat only to be yanked off by those who earlier endorsed him, raised his hands high and said all sorts of sweet words to him probably to curry undue favor from him. The PDP shouldn’t have expected him to jump up and start basking in the euphoria of being used and dumped.

Eririejiekego should not be blamed when he leaves any trace of grudge or disenchantment over the fallout of the 2019 PDP primaries which he had proudly claimed to have won but was unceremoniously rigged out after spending a nice fortune.

But as undaunted as he was, and still is, he waved the past, bearing in mind that the future is brighter. Today, he is back on the race, with a rather more sparkling glamour. But definitely not under same platform which he still had some axe to grind with. Now, he has found love and refuge in the ruling APC where he has thousands of bosom friends confiding in him, and here, he is doing wonderfully well.

Under this platform, Ugosly has redeclared his intention to contest for the same seat he was denied of. This time, with more vigor and renewed commitment. He sure means business this time around.

His defection to the APC at the third quarter of 2021 took an epic proportion as almost all the party’s heavyweights, men and women alike, took to the dancefloor to celebrate his cross-carpeting.

Ever since his defection, the politics of Mbaitoli LGA has been upgraded. The party has recorded thousands of new entrants who are footsoldiers of Ugosly.

Members of the 3R government have no more reason to worry over the glaring probability of losing grip of the LGA before now. They can now beat their chest to say that Mbaitoli APC is intact and formidable to capture the LGA come 2023 given the flamboyant presence of Ugosly.

Although, he is stinkingly rich, his soft-spot which has endeared him to the people is his good sense of friendship laced with open-mindedness.

He is tacit, smart and eloquent in a manner that one enjoys having a steady tete-a-tete with him. Above all, he is out-giving and only satisfied until others are happy. This is probably why he has numerous friends and followers.

For the media, he would always egg them for more questions, ever ready to entertain any, no matter how they are twisted. Moreso, one enjoys how he dissects each question thrown to him, using the most philosophical approach.

It is true that he may be having strong contenders on the race both from his darling party and the opposition, but the end will certainly justify the means. He is the least perturbed for he knows too well that his time has come and even a mere mortal cannot change the will of God.

The PDP experience in 2019 where he was allegedly rigged out during the party primaries, wouldn’t be fair to repeat itself. He ought to have been cautious of that, and sure, he is.

For his party APC, he has no qualms of problem with anybody. He can only sleep with his two eyes closed knowing full well that he is surrounded with bosom friends and allies who were almost elusive in his former party.

It is often said that, “he who is in a fierce battle with an opponent and being separated by several enemies, thousands of people are fighting him.” Ugosly might have been separated in a fight by thousands of his PDP beautiful enemies whose only intents was to milk the young man dry and throw him to the dustbin.

As expected, the race to Imo East senatorial seat will come with its usual pressure and tension. Beyond this, a winner must surely emerge.

All aspirants for the seat from various parties are, no doubt, serious contenders, not pretenders. The onus of conclusion however rests on the leadership of the contending parties to issue tickets to the chosen ones. Here, party tickets are like Permanent Voters Card (PVC), which is an inalienable right of an electorate, to vote in or out a candidate of his choice or he abhors.

Ugosly should work more closely with the governor (Senator Hope Uzodinma) and do his grassroots job very well.

He should spread his political tentacles across the nine LGAs in Owerri zone, having special interest in those LGAs with bulk votes. Interestingly, Mbaitoli proves to be the second largest, if not first LGA in Imo, not in land mass but in electoral strength. This will serve him well.

Without further delay, Aririejiekego should unleash his empowerment scheme to the people. He may choose to be different or unique from others by engaging the people profitably in businesses and skill acquisition programs.

Let him however rescind on his decision to delve into ‘cash empowerment program’. That is not particularly perfect. It may be difficult for people to account for it. At extreme cases, some beneficiaries may abscond with the money and spend it frivolously.

Some leaders APC of Owerri zone extraction should also be hobnobbed with, because they have vital roles to play in deciding who will be given the ticket. Ugosly is better placed for having these leaders around him.

Without mincing words, Chief Hillary Ugochukwu Nwachukwu, is fast becoming the beautiful bride of Owerri zone senatorial journey.

At his declaration held recently at Imo Concorde Hotels, where he also inaugurated his ward and KGA coordinators, it was a gathering of the cremedelacreme of Owerri zone and a carnival of sort.

Outstandingly, his social life will go a long way in paving better means for him both now and when he eventually becomes a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.

May God lead you through Eririejiekego na Ogwa!

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