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Prince Eze Madumere: The Sacrifice That Saved Imo State

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By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

When the hosts of Heavens asked for the ultimate sacrifice to save all of mankind, Christ Jesus stepped forward to bear that cross.

As the begotten son of God, he didn’t need to present himself as a sacrifice. He would have been comfortable while his Father could have deployed any person to take his place on the cross.

I could liken it somewhat, to what happened to His Excellency, the former Deputy governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere.

In his hands was the Owerri zone senatorial ticket if he wanted it. The underperforming Onyewuchi would have been short work for him in any election.

All he had to do to get this was to betray Ndi Imo and support Rochas Okorocha’s plot to convert Imo into his private estate.

But Prince Eze Madumere decided to present himself as that ultimate sacrifice and jettisoning his chances to go to the senate which was offered to him in a platter, he challenged Okorocha and his family.

A former governor of Imo State in his definition of Prince Eze Madumere and Okorocha’s administration, stated that Madumere was the political brains while Okorocha was just a businessman.

He was right!

When Madumere refused to turn Imo State into Okorocha’s private village, the plot to install Okorocha’s son-in-law failed.

All Okorocha needed to make his plans succeed, was to have Prince Eze Madumere at his back.

For standing with the people against Okorocha’s plans to foist his son-in-law on Imo people, Ndi Mbieri paid a heavy price while Prince Eze Madumere took the bullet for Imo State.

Every effort Madumere made to attract good roads to his people was truncated by the Okorocha administration to paint Madumere bad in the face of his people.

However, looking at the quality of roads Okorocha built across Imo State, including his own Ogboko, I think Mbieri people were better off without his roads.

Madumere’s allocation was slashed and later denied him and they went ahead to stage a kangaroo impeachment with there rubber-stamp Imo State Assembly, to strip Madumere of every privilege his office as Deputy governor afforded him, including his security.

I commend the youths of Awo Mbieri who grabbed their matchets and dane guns, and stood guard around Madumere’s home, when they sensed that the impeachment ploy was an excuse to withdraw his police and DSS security and position him for assassination.

But Madumere carried the cross for Ndi Imo and soldiered on, dismantling Okorocha’s plans to impeach him, helping to deny Okorocha his attempt to get the All Progressives Congress APC ticket, which would have almost guaranteed his victory, as well as helping to frustrate him at the election proper.

When the history of Imo State is written and the story of how Imo was saved from becoming a family enterprise is told, Prince Eze Madumere would be fondly remembered as the sacrificial lamb that presented himself for Ndi Imo.

As Owerri zone clamours to be given a chance to lead Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere remains one of those who stands tall as a capable hand, with genuine love for Ndi Imo, to move the state forward.

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